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Boost collaboration with Yealink Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on May 8, 2024 10:18:00 AM

Conference room equipped with Yealink Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions  - distributed by TeleDynamics

Now, more than ever, businesses are streamlining their communications infrastructure with Microsoft Teams, a powerful and easy-to-use suite of collaboration tools and applications. Yealink is poised to further enhance Teams-enabled companies with its wide range of Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions.

In this article, we highlight some of the most notable Teams-certified products that Yealink offers.

Yealink MVC series

The MVC devices are all enabled for Microsoft Teams Rooms. The series includes a wide range of options for facilities, from small huddle rooms for two or three people to large auditoriums with dozens of participants. The following are three of the most popular kits available from the company.

Yealink MVC S60

The MVC S60 Teams Rooms kit is ideal for small “round-table” type conference rooms and huddle rooms. It comes with the SmartVision60, a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art 360° smart camera that allows participants to sit comfortably around a table without shuffling around to get into the camera’s field of view.

It is placed at the center of the table, and as participants speak, the 10K panoramic wide-angle camera automatically puts them in the field of view. Embedded in the same device is an HD speaker and an elaborate set of microphones for intelligent voice recognition and voice pickup in a radius of up to 20 feet.

Yealink equipped the device with all of Microsoft’s latest AI capabilities, including the multi-stream people feed feature that gives participants their separate frames in the gallery, allowing remote participants to interact with each person discretely.

Additional features include intelligent voice transcription, online translation with real-time subtitles, and intelligent participant identification. In addition, the S60 device is integrated with Microsoft’s Copilot AI assistant, further enhancing videoconferences with in-session voice commands and smart organization and session scheduling capabilities, among others. 

The MVC S60 kit also includes the MTouchPlus Touch console, an 11.6-inch touch panel with a slim bezel that is emblematic of Yealink’s third-generation technology. It acts as a centralized interface from which you can control the Teams Room system.

Also included is the MCore Pro Mini PC, a minimalistic computer running the Windows operating system that acts as the brains of the Teams Rooms system.

Yealink MVC 860

The Yealink MVC 860 is designed for medium to large conference room settings and includes a suite of advanced components. Like the MVC S60, the heart of this setup is the MCore Pro Mini-PC, which features three HDMI outputs.

Complementing this is the MTouch Plus, which enables simultaneous control of multiple units, facilitating collaborative meeting management and integrating seamlessly with third-party content sharing and wireless BYOD solutions. Additionally, the system incorporates the RoomSensor, an occupancy sensor, for reliable activation and monitoring of the conference room’s conditions.

The camera included in this kit is the UVC86 4K PTZ, a dual-eye camera with intelligent tracking capabilities, including auto-framing and speaker/presenter focus, ensuring a dynamic, lifelike video conference experience.

With its 12× optical zoom and 4K resolution output, the UVC86 captures every detail crisply, offering an immersive, face-to-face meeting experience.

Audio solutions are flexible, with options for wired (VCM35, VCM38) and wireless (VCM36-WCPW65) microphones. They support a variety of room setups, from desktop to ceiling installations. This array of advanced technology ensures a comprehensive, efficient, and high-quality conferencing solution.

Yealink MVC S90

The MVC S90 Microsoft Teams Rooms kit has been carefully engineered for extra-large conference spaces, incorporating a comprehensive array of cutting-edge components for superior conferencing performance. Like the kits described above, it also includes the MCore Pro Mini-PC and the MTouch Plus touch panel. It also sports two UVC86 4K PTZ cameras for a more professional, multi-view experience.

In addition, the kit includes the AVHub, which is tailored for sophisticated audio and video processing. The AVHub enables flexible screen layout adjustments and supports Yealink’s unique multi-camera configuration, accommodating up to nine cameras simultaneously. This feature facilitates multi-speaker tracking with a voice detection mechanism, making it ideal for the diverse AV needs of large meeting rooms, classrooms, and training facilities.

The MVC S90 can be paired with the MVC-BYOD Extender for added versatility. Users gain full access to the system’s audio and video capabilities by simply connecting the USB cable to a PC, transforming a Microsoft Teams meeting space into a multifunctional conference room.

Furthermore, networking multiple MVC S90 units together creates a scalable conference room system, offering the capability for flexible amalgamation or segmentation as needed.

The Yealink Android MeetingBar series

Another outstanding Microsoft Teams Rooms product that Yealink offers is its Android MeetingBar series. These all-in-one audio and video devices, when coupled with a large-screen TV, transform a meeting room into a highly functional Teams Rooms room. These devices come in two models that cater to rooms of different sizes.

Yealink MeetingBar A20

The Yealink MeetingBar A20 is a comprehensive video collaboration tool designed for small meeting rooms and huddle rooms. It boasts a 20 MP camera paired with a 120° wide-angle lens to provide exceptional video quality.

The device enhances user experience through intelligent AI features such as auto-framing and speaker tracking, supplemented by an electric lens cap for added privacy. It is equipped with an array of eight MEMS microphones and Yealink’s AI-driven noise cancellation technology, which ensure clear audio in full-duplex conversations so all participants can be both seen and heard clearly. 

The A20 integrates a computing unit, camera, microphones, speaker, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth into one device, offering an easy setup process. Its compatibility with Microsoft Teams eliminates the need for an additional PC. Its simple yet flexible deployment, combined with powerful features, makes for an outstanding video collaboration experience.

Yealink MeetingBar A30

The Yealink MeetingBar A30 Microsoft Teams Edition is a versatile video collaboration tool optimized for medium-sized rooms. The A30 sports much of the same technology as its smaller sibling, including audio and video AI capabilities and wireless connectivity options, with some noteworthy enhancements.

This multifunctional device features a sophisticated optical camera with 10× hybrid zoom and a second 8-megapixel digital camera that offers a 120° field of view, ensuring superior video quality. In addition, its human body detection for quick device activation further streamlines user interaction.

Through its easy and flexible deployment and powerful features, the A30 promises an exemplary video collaboration experience. By deploying wireless extended microphones, the A30 can cover rooms serving up to 15 people.


Whether the use case is a small huddle room or a sprawling conference hall, Yealink’s portfolio of Teams-certified room systems represents a forward-thinking solution for organizations aiming to foster a culture of collaboration and connectivity.

By choosing the right system to fit their space and meeting requirements, businesses can ensure that their teams remain interconnected in an increasingly digital world, driving productivity and innovation through seamless and effective interaction.

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