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Exclusive offers on Yealink MeetingBoard: the smart investment

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Mar 20, 2024 9:43:00 AM

Executives collaborating with a Yealink MeetingBoard - TeleDynamics blog

Time to take a fresh look at Yealink’s MeetingBoard series of highly advanced communications and collaboration endpoints. These all-in-one devices, available in screen sizes of 65 inches and 86 inches, deliver a rich and unique communications experience for a wide range of meeting room scenarios. And now they come with additional incentives to buy and resell, making them more attractive than ever!

In this article, we revisit this noteworthy product and explore the additional rewards you can reap through a couple of lucrative, limited-time offers!

MeetingBoard devices

A while back, we introduced you to Yealink’s MeetingBoard series of endpoints. At first glance, these devices resemble futuristic, large, high-resolution displays. 

If you take a closer look, you begin to see that they are more than just displays — you’ll notice the built-in camera and unique, stainless steel, movable floor stand. 

Running the Android 10 operating system, each MeetingBoard is a smart device that functions as a full-fledged communications hub with many highly advanced features.

The MeetingBoard series is a rarity in that each device is truly all-in-one. Of course, the MeetingBoard boasts an immense 4K display, which comes in two sizes: 65 and 86 inches. The display is actually a touchscreen that supports up to 20 simultaneous touchpoints. It has a built-in 4K camera with an 8 MP Sony sensor, a built-in 16-mic array, four full-range stereo speakers, and two tweeters. 

Right out of the box, it’s ready to go in less than 20 minutes without any additional accessories or setup.

If you do need additional capabilities, the MeetingBoards are all compatible with Yealink’s series of accessories and peripherals. These include a detachable optical PTZ camera, interaction with a RoomPanel and room sensor for easy room management, a remote control touch console, wireless expansion microphones, and both wireless and wired presentation-sharing kits

There is also the option of replacing the native Android OS with a Windows OPS module. For those extra-large rooms, an extended touchscreen can be linked to the MeetingBoard to double the size of the display/touchscreen.

In addition to these phenomenal features, the fact that the MeetingBoard is certified for both Microsoft Teams and Zoom provides an even stronger selling point for your customers.

Yealink’s near-future predictions for the MeetingBoard

Let’s compare the MeetingBoard products with more conventional integrated bar and modular solutions, which are centered on a bar-shaped device that includes a camera, microphones, and speakers.

The modular solutions come as kits, with multiple standalone devices that can be mixed and matched, including cameras, speakers, microphones, sensors, control panels, and others. Both of these approaches have their upsides and downsides.

The primary downside of bar and modular solutions is that they have a relatively high learning curve — their deployment can be somewhat complicated. In contrast, MeetingBoards are functional right out of the box, with simple and familiar Android or Windows interfaces. 

This is why, for all meeting room sizes, Yealink has predicted an increase in market share of its all-in-one MeetingBoards from 0% in 2022 to 18% by the end of 2024 in North America alone. The following diagram illustrates Yealink’s predicted market share of the all-in-one boards compared with the other solution options:

 Yealink market share for MeetingBoard in North America - TeleDyamics Blog

This prediction makes sense if you consider the other key advantage of MeetingBoards over the integrated bar and module solutions: cost. It may sound strange at first, but if you consider that these integrated bar and module solutions don’t include a large touchscreen, you can immediately understand the benefit of Yealink’s fully integrated solutions.

Further rewards

Now there’s even more reason to invest in your meeting rooms and to futureproof your conference spaces with MeetingBoards. As we’ve seen, these devices have very strong selling points: ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility to meet the needs of various meeting room scenarios.

You can add a 2- to 5-year warranty and enhanced RMA (return merchandise authorization) support that simplifies the warranty replacement and return process, dramatically reducing turnaround times.

Yealink also delivers enhanced pre-sales service with consulting and can arrange live and local (where available) demos and proofs of concept, all enhancing the purchase process to ensure an excellent user experience.

Finally, Yealink is proud to deliver its Reward on Board program, which features two offers:

  • The first, valid until April 30, 2024, is $400 off a partner’s first MeetingBoard order. 

  • The second, available until the end of 2024, is a discount on a MeetingBoard demo and dedicated support. The details depend upon the number of MeetingBoard selling opportunities you may have available in the following six months. With 5+ opportunities, you get 60% off dealer cost on a demo unit; with 10+ opportunities, 70% off; and with 30 or more opportunities, you get 100% off: a free MeetingBoard demo.

Don’t miss out on these opportunities to get even more out of Yealink’s MeetingBoard products. Contact your TeleDynamics rep to apply.


Yealink’s MeetingBoard series is an innovative game-changer in meeting room communication equipment and services. These advanced collaboration endpoints feature an all-in-one, easy-to-use, sleek design that makes them highly desirable in any setting.

Their flexibility ensures they are deployable in most business scenarios, delivering high-quality remote collaboration in any environment. And with Yealink’s Reward on Board program, the series has become even more appealing for both partners and their customers.

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