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Explore the power of AI in Yealink MVC S90 and S60 conference systems

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Nov 1, 2023 10:34:00 AM

Yealink MVC S90 and MVC S60 videoconferencing systems

Yealink’s MVC S60 and MVC S90 are ideal room videoconferencing systems for mid-sized and large rooms, respectively. Both incorporate cutting-edge technologies and extensively leverage the latest artificial intelligence capabilities. In this article, we focus on two particularly useful AI-related features and capabilities as we highlight the future of videoconferencing.

Yealink MVC S60 and MVC S90 overview

These products are kits containing multiple devices that work together to turn rooms of various sizes into advanced, innovative teleconferencing hubs.

The MVC S60 kit is ideal for transforming medium-sized meeting areas into Microsoft Teams collaboration rooms. It allows participants sitting around a conference table of any shape to be seen and heard. This kit includes the following:

  • The state-of-the-art SmartVision 60 all-in-one audio and video device features a 360° 10K panoramic wide-angle camera, built-in HD speaker, and high-quality microphones
  • The MTouch Plus touch console, from which the whole system can be monitored and controlled
  • The MCore Pro Mini-PC, the brains of the operation, delivers processing power as well as the USB, HDMI, and network interfaces to connect all related devices

Similarly, the MVC S90 kit is perfect for converting large spaces into professional AV rooms based on the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform. The system conforms to any seating arrangement, including a single large rectangular table, a curved panel-like table, or a classroom-style layout with rows of tables and chairs. This kit includes these devices:

  • Two UVC86 4K automatic PTZ cameras with multiple AI features; more cameras can be added as needed
  • The AVHub, a meeting audio and video processor used in large and extra-large conference rooms to consolidate the control of multiple cameras, microphones, and speakers with audio and video processing capabilities
  • The RoomSensor meeting room sensor
  • Two WPP30 4K wireless presentation pods
  • The MTouchPlus and MCore Pro Mini-PC (described above)

Intelligent features

The MVC S60 and MVC S90 incorporate some of the most cutting-edge and innovative AI-based features and capabilities available on the market. This makes them especially ideal for high-usage collaboration spaces that require high-quality interactive capabilities between remote sites.

Two particular features of interest for these kits are the Intelliframe feature and the incorporation of Microsoft’s newest AI assistant, Copilot. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Intelliframe feature

Whether using the 360° camera of the MVC S60 or the two or more automatic PTZ cameras of the MVC S90, the Intelliframe feature enables the system to intelligently track multiple speakers by zooming in and framing them within the center of the frame of view.

Like a smart director, this feature makes remote participants feel closer to the action and gives them a more pleasant viewing experience. Highlighting the person speaking means that all non-verbal communication, such as body language, facial expressions, and gestures, is properly relayed.

Microsoft Copilot

Both kits are certified for Microsoft Teams, delivering deep integration with all Teams platform capabilities. This includes Microsoft’s newest addition to its AI arsenal, the Microsoft Copilot assistant. Copilot is the successor to Cortana and is based on OpenAI’s Advanced GPT-4 large language models, which tools such as ChatGPT utilize. Using Copilot, you can perform virtually all collaboration tasks by simply speaking to Copilot using natural language.

Copilot’s official name is “Microsoft 365 Copilot,” which reinforces the notion that it is part of Microsoft’s 365 ecosystem. As stated by Jared Spataro, who leads Microsoft 365, Copilot leverages Microsoft Graph, an API that assesses the context and accessible user data within Microsoft 365 before making adjustments and responding to the user’s prompt.

Once Copilot responds, Microsoft Graph carries out further context-specific processing before transmitting the result to Microsoft 365 applications.

For example, suppose you simply say: “Copilot, join my next meeting.” This prompt has little detail, which will cause the system to determine what meeting you probably mean by evaluating various data items within Microsoft 365 applications, such as your calendar entries, data about past meeting participants, and even the specific purpose of the meeting. 

As time passes, its integration is expected to become deeper and enable even more natural interactions between the system and its users using conversational language.


Integrating intelligent features that harness the power of advanced AI technologies will shape the evolution of room collaboration and teleconferencing systems. Microsoft Copilot integration and Intelliframe are two noteworthy examples of this transformative trend and are offered with these Microsoft Teams kits. 

These innovations exemplify the cutting-edge capabilities offered by Yealink and provide a glimpse into the exciting future of collaborative technology. As we progress, advancements such as these will continue redefining and elevating our expectations for seamless and intelligent communications solutions.

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