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Embrace a new era of intelligent Teams Rooms with Yealink

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Dec 14, 2023 10:43:00 AM

Yealink Teams Rooms solution - TeleDynamics blog

Video conferences are key for effective team collaboration in the modern business environment. Yealink has developed a line of Teams-enabled devices for Microsoft Teams Rooms to further enhance and streamline videoconferencing and remote collaboration for enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

This article highlights some of the most noteworthy Teams-certified devices and videoconferencing kits available from Yealink.

Camera guide

Yealink's Teams Rooms solutions include various devices such as cameras, speakers, monitors, control devices, and other accessories. Two particular cameras worth highlighting are the UVC86 and the SmartVision 60.


The UVC86 is a dual-eye 4K camera sporting one mechanical PTZ camera and a second fixed panoramic camera. Together, these two "eyes" can capture the best images of participants and every meeting detail.

The device has many intelligent features, including auto-framing, speaker tracking, and presenter tracking with 12× optical zoom and a 90° field of view. The camera integrates seamlessly with the audio features made available via the VCM35 or VCM36-W microphone arrays and the VCM38 ceiling microphone.

With multiple mounting options (desktop, wall, or ceiling) and the ability to combine numerous cameras into a single large-scale videoconference room deployment, the UVC86 is a versatile device that can meet the needs of any deployment scenario.

The camera is available for purchase as an individual unit or as a component of the MVCS90MVC940MVC860, or MVC640 Teams Room kits. Each kit is designed to suit rooms of varying sizes and to meet various levels of required technological audio-visual sophistication.

SmartVision 60

The SmartVision 60 is a novel, state-of-the-art, all-in-one intelligent camera that enables an enhanced Teams Rooms experience. It incorporates a unique 360° camera and can be placed in the center of a conference room, providing a clear view of all participants.

It incorporates a speaker and microphones with a 360° 20-foot sound pickup range, delivering equal coverage for all participants. With the SmartVision 60, there is no longer any need to strain to get yourself in the camera's field of view. 

Its innovation does not stop there, however. The SmartVision 60 includes multiple intelligent functionalities enabled by Microsoft's latest AI capabilities. These include multi-stream people feed, providing meeting attendees with their own individual frames to help remote participants feel closer to the people in the room. 

The intelligent voice assistant Cortana integration delivers extensive AI features, including voice-activated meeting controls, intelligent voice transcription, one-click unmanned meeting minutes, intelligent real-time translation, and online translation of real-time subtitles. 

In addition, intelligent participant identification also provides a unique customized meeting experience. Now, Copilot, Microsoft's newest AI feature, is replacing Cortana and delivering even more innovation and capabilities to these services. Read more about Microsoft Copilot in our previous article.

Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions bundles

Both of these cameras come as components of various Microsoft Teams Rooms solution kits, some of the most significant of which are detailed below.


The MVCS60 Teams SmartVision Bundle is a Microsoft Teams–enabled videoconferencing solution that incorporates the groundbreaking SmartVision 60 camera. Included in the kit are the MTouchPlus Touch console to control your meetings; the MCore Pro Mini-PC, which is the brains of the operation; and a series of room sensors to detect occupancy, temperature, humidity and light levels.

These components work together to deliver a comprehensive videoconferencing experience for small to medium-sized rooms with typical conference table layouts.


The MVC860 is a Microsoft Teams Rooms system specially designed for medium-sized and large rooms. Like the MVCS60, it includes the MTouchPlus touch console, MCore Pro Mini-PC, and one or more room sensors.

Unlike the MVCS60, it includes the UVC86 camera, which is ideal for capturing the events of a meeting or presentation in a larger setting where most participants are facing the front of the room.


The MVCS90 is arguably Yealink's most advanced Microsoft Teams Rooms solution and is specially designed for large rooms requiring professional audio-visual quality. The kit includes an MTouchPlus, an MCore Pro Mini-PC, two UVC86 cameras, and two WPP30 wireless presentation pods for seamless content sharing from a laptop or mobile device.

In addition, the kit includes Yealink's AV Hub, an advanced audio and video processor that supports the simultaneous use of up to nine UVC86 cameras, eight VCM35 or VCM38 array microphones, and four MSpeaker II audio devices.

This capability represents the pinnacle of system scalability and flexibility, enabling the creation of a customizable, advanced, and professional setup for meetings, training sessions, presentations, webinars, and any event that can be hosted in a large auditorium or meeting space.


Yealink's groundbreaking range of Teams Rooms solutions offers unparalleled adaptability and advanced technology for businesses of all sizes. Yealink's commitment to delivering intelligent, user-friendly, and versatile communications tools marks a significant leap forward in the world of remote collaboration and corporate communications.

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