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Yealink WH62 and WH63 headsets: versatility at its finest

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Nov 29, 2023 11:45:00 AM

yealink WH62 and WH63 headsets -TeleDynamics blog

Yealink’s WH62 and WH63 are two of the most novel and functional headsets for a wide variety of business use cases. These devices are ideal for remote workers, high-call-volume employees, and contact-center scenarios.

Depending on the situation, these headphones constitute optimal choices for highly mobile users, noisy environments, and situations in which the user needs to remain aware of their surroundings. With the use of DECT technology, security, robustness, and long-range are all characteristics of these groundbreaking headsets.

One of the most beneficial aspects of these devices is the fact that they are highly compatible with a multitude of third-party desk phones, besides being fully compatible with Yealink desk phones as well. In this article, we’ll further examine this unprecedented level of compatibility.

WH62/63 DECT headsets compatibility

The WH62 MonoWH62 Dual, and WH63 are all DECT-based wireless headsets ideal for unified communications applications. These devices support broad compatibility with virtually all leading UC platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft, Google, 3CX, Vonage, and many more.

However, their compatibility extends beyond the UC system itself. With the appropriate cable type, these wireless DECT headsets can be used with a wide variety of mainstream third-party desk phones, ensuring a UC experience for users across different platforms.

Depending on the make and model of the desk phone, you can use one of three connectivity options:

Telephone cable

This simple telephone cable comes in two types: Cable A and Cable B. They differ only in the order of termination of the wires within the cable. 

telephone cable for Yealink WH62 & WH63

Cable A enables compatibility with desk phones from Avaya, Poly, Grandstream, Fanvil, and Snom, while Cable B is compatible with Cisco IP phones. The telephone cable doesn’t provide any remote control of the telephone conversation, which means the buttons on the headset cannot be used to go off-hook or on-hook or to change volume settings. All those functionalities must be applied to the desk phone itself.


The EHS60 and EHS61 adaptors are a step up from the simple telephone cable. These adaptors deliver full remote control of the desk phone from the headsets. 

Controls include answering, hanging up, and adjusting the volume. Each of the two models supports different manufacturers’ desk phones. The EHS60 is compatible with Cisco, Avaya, Poly, Grandstream, and Fanvil devices, while the EHS61 can be used with Mitel and Unify IP phones.


The EHS35 adaptor is used to deliver compatibility with third-party phones but without any remote-control features and capabilities. 

Supported phones include those manufactured by Avaya, Poly, Grandstream, Fanvil, and Snom. Like the simple telephone cable, call control must be performed from the telephone device directly. 

However, unlike the telephone cable, the EHS35 does provide remote control capabilities for the Yealink T3X series phones, which is primarily what it was designed for.

A more detailed look at the compatibility matrix for the EHS35/61/61 devices can be found in his article.


Yealink’s DECT headsets stand out due to their remarkable ability to work smoothly with a wide range of phone brands, establishing them as flexible and effective tools for contemporary business communication.

Their integration with the specialized telephone cable and the EHS adapters allows for a flawless connection with a variety of telephony systems, which boosts productivity, is cost-effective, and improves user satisfaction.

The ability for remote control for a large number of third-party phones further elevates the overall user experience by simplifying the communication process. This feature positions Yealink’s DECT headsets as a top option for businesses in search of efficient, adaptable, and easy-to-use telecommunications solutions.

Additionally, Yealink is holding a year-end sale promotion on their BH72 series headsets. Until December 31st, 2023, you can get up to 47% off BH72 headsets with the stand. If interested, reach out to your TeleDynamics rep or contact us here

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