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Four factors to consider when proposing a new phone system to your customer

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Mar 30, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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Whether your customer wants to expand or upgrade an existing legacy system, or whether they want to replace it with a new system using voice over IP or other current technologies, your ultimate goal is to build a total voice solution that meets their current needs, allows for future scalability, and justifies a financial transaction. Let’s take a look at four factors to consider when selecting an appropriate system.

(1) Customer’s requirements and needs


Understanding your customer’s specific needs involves asking the right questions. For example:
  • Will the system support remote employees?
  • Will multiple locations be networked together?
  • What features are important for the customer (automatic call distribution, call routing, music hold, overhead paging, etc.)?
  • Will the voicemail need to integrate with any CRM-to-email client or customer computer systems?
  • How important to the customer are things like scalability, failover, line and power protection, headsets, voicemail and auto-attendant? 
(2) Infrastructural compatibility

Consider the added demands on the network infrastructure. Will it support the new system? If converting to VoIP, will it compensate for the additional packet flow of the organization without impacting other data traffic? As more enterprises switch to VoIP, it’s essential to be knowledgeable about new developments in networking equipment like cabling, switches and routers. Be sure to factor any network infrastructure modifications into the total solution and overall budget.

(3) Equipment and protocol interoperability

Will the new installations integrate easily with the existing phone system? Will all of the components of the solution you propose be interoperable with each other, as well as with the customer’s existing tools such as CRM platform, email server, property management system or presence mabusiness telephone consulting, expert advisor in total voice solutionsnagement server? Importantly, how available is your telephone equipment manufacturer for supporting your planning and installation needs?

(4) Sales process

After taking all of the above into consideration and modeling a solution, it’s time to sell, install and support the new system. To set yourself apart from the competition, consider giving a live demonstration of the phone system you are proposing. For added value, get the manufacturers involved. Not only are the manufacturers’ regional field reps dedicated to assisting you in your sales process, but they are able to provide your customer with referrals and testimonials of other similar installs and solutions.

Furthermore, you will want to factor in the cost of equipment, maintenance, service contracts and your installation fees to the price tag on your proposed solution. Be sure to illustrate how your proposal will reduce their costs and by how much, as well as how it will boost the organization’s efficiency.

Keep in mind, too, that to facilitate the creation of a financial plan, TeleDynamics has industry-leading leasing partners that allow you to offer leasing options to your customers.


By positioning yourself as an expert advisor in total voice solutions, you will build loyalty with your customers and limit the chances of their being wooed by competitors.

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