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VoIP troubleshooting resources

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Aug 12, 2020 10:45:00 AM

swimming with sharks

As we celebrate Shark Week this week, we are reminded of the proverbial sharks faced by network engineers in the form of security breaches and technical issues. TeleDynamics has created a collection of resources to help you troubleshoot audio problems, secure your network, protect your telephone system from hackers, analyze voice packets, and more. In this article, we offer a compilation of some of our most popular resources, so you’ll have them handy. For each listing below, click on the blue heading to read the full article.


How to capture voice packets for troubleshooting VoIP issues

One of the best methods for troubleshooting problems on the network to pinpoint the cause of poor voice quality or a disruption of VoIP services is to capture voice packets in real time and store them so we can analyze them later. When people call TeleDynamics tech support, we sometimes ask them to show us their packet capture files so we can help identify the issue. In this article, we examine practical methods for capturing voice packets at various locations within the network.

TeleDynamics’ step-by-step guide to using Wireshark

Packet sniffers like Wireshark allow you to capture and analyze data and voice packets to pinpoint and diagnose network-related issues. Wireshark can be downloaded and installed on any Windows or Mac computer for free. Its installation is quick and simple, and its operation is quite intuitive. In this free guide, we offer step-by-step instructions for setting up Wireshark and sniffing packets, detailed explanations of what information to look for in Wireshark and how to interpret it, descriptions of typical voice issues and what they look like in Wireshark, and much more! Even if you have never used Wireshark before, this guide will have you analyzing packets like a pro in no time. Download it here.

How to troubleshoot one-way or no-way audio on VoIP calls

One-way or no-way audio is a scenario that comes up a lot on our tech support calls at TeleDynamics. Here we list four of the most common culprits of this issue and suggestions for how to tackle them.

Common VoIP issues and how to fix them

In this article, we provide some troubleshooting tips for the most common VoIP issues you are likely to encounter, including blocked ports, ACLs, firewalls, NAT, and more.

See a list of all our articles under the troubleshooting topic.

Network & Phone System Security

VoIP security solutions for remote workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has made working from home the norm. In this article, we review various remote employee voice service scenarios, look at what their potential risks are, and examine the best voice encryption and VPN solution for each case.

Common Wi-Fi security threats and how to mitigate them

Because of the nature of the technology, Wi-Fi signals can be easily intercepted by any wireless device within range. Nevertheless, with the proper security precautions in place, these intercepted signals become useless to even the most determined attacker. By employing industry-standard security measures, Wi-Fi becomes an enterprise-grade high-performance solution suitable for almost any application.

How to hack-proof your VoIP network

One of the most common matters we discuss with customers on our support calls is network security – specifically, how to lock down SIP trunks, IP PBXs, SIP phones, and routers from hacking. Here we review different ways hackers can break into your voice network and the steps you can take to secure your system.

Browse all our articles under the network security topic

We hope these resources are useful to you as you navigate the waters of VoIP. Safe swimming!


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