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What's so great about the Grandstream GWN7610

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Oct 25, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Product review: Grandstream GWN7610 Wi-Fi Access Point

Grandstream, well known throughout the world for their SIP communications solutions, will soon expand those solutions by offering a new line of Wi-Fi devices. Grandstream’s entrance into the Wi-Fi marketplace will feature a Wi-Fi access point, the GWN7610, and they will soon thereafter launch a Gigabit VPN router, which will be called the GWN7000. This product line will be a new mainstay product category from Grandstream, and it will be expanded moving forward to include a variety of routers and access points with various capabilities.

These products offer the hardware infrastructure to build wired and wireless networks that can be seamlessly accessed throughout large custom areas. These two devices offer easy centralized management through a single interface, making them easier to deploy and manage than most current Wi-Fi solutions on the market. The GWN7610 AP can be paired with any router, and will obviously pair seamlessly with the GWN7000 for mid-range deployments.

Here we highlight some of the key features of the GWN7610 Wireless Access Point, which will be the first GWN series product launched by Grandstream. Click here for more information about Grandstream's GWN7000 Wi-Fi access points and Gigabit router.

Access our full in-depth review of the GWN7610 Wireless Access Point,  including detailed installation and configuration instructions.

The GWN series will be a new pillar in the Grandstream product line and the GWN7610 is just the beginning. Over the coming year the GWN series will be expanded to include a variety of routers and Wi-Fi access points from basic to mid-range to high-end models. The GWN7610 specifically is a solid mid-range Wi-Fi access point for small offices, medium and multiple floor offices, and branch offices. It offers:

  • tremendous Wi-Fi coverage range,
  • embedded controller to make installation and management quick and easy,
  • outstanding throughput
  • support for over 250+ clients per GWN7610,
  • ability to be paired with 3rd-party routers and existing Wi-Fi networks,
  • advanced security features, and more.

Watch the video

 Range – Each GWN7610 offers an impressive Wi-Fi range of 175 meters (575 feet). For example, I was able to receive a signal from the GWN7610 on my mobile phone at over 150 meters away from the device, and that was in low power mode. This impressive range allows those deploying it to be able to cover more range with less access points, allowing their deployment to be extremely cost-effective and to cover a very large distance. One access point, for example, can cover the length of almost 2 entire football (soccer) fields.

Embedded controller – One of the most unique aspects of the GWN7610 is that is has its own embedded provisioning master, or what is commonly referred to as a controller. Not only does Grandstream offer an included controller, but this controller is available very simply through the GWN7610’s web user interface. The controller acts as an agent between the network and the AP, allowing APs to be found and provisioned with existing networks, as well as managing each AP. This GWN7610 controller allows auto-discovery and auto-provisioning of any in-network GWN7610 from a designated GWN7610 Provisioning Master. This allows an entire network of GWN7610s to be provisioned and managed from one single GWN7610 interface.

High performance throughput – The GWN7610 was built to be able to transmit extremely large amounts of data for productive and growing businesses. The GWN7610s 2.4G Wi-Fi band can support up to 450 MB per second of wireless transmission, while the 5G band can support up to 1300 Mb per second. Because the device features dual-band Wi-Fi, it can offer simultaneous throughput of up to 1.75Gb per second.

16 SSIDs per GWN7610 – Each GWN7610 offers up to 16 different Wi-Fi or VPN networks per device. This simply provides so many options when building and deploying a Wi-Fi or VPN network. Within one coverage area, you can offer up to 16 different networks, allowing you to build separate networks for each department, for example, within a business to maximize bandwidth and throughput for all. This is especially great for offices, commercial or retail settings that want to offer separate networks for employees, customers, management, security personnel and more.

250+ clients per AP – Built for growing businesses, each GWN7610 can support up to 250 Wi-Fi clients at a time, easily covering any office, home or commercial location. If you think of each person as using one Wi-Fi client at a time on average (mobile phone, tablet, computer), that allows each GWN7610 to support up to 250+ people within a 175 meter space. Obviously the more GWN7610s you add, the more clients you can support. Two GWN7610s can support 500+ clients, and more.

Works with any 3rd-party router – Do you have an existing Wi-Fi access point deployment where you need to add more APs or need to replace existing ones? Are you looking to install a Wi-Fi network in a location where you may already have a router? Might you want to replace your router going forward for any reason? If you said yes to any of those, the GWN7610 is for you. It was made to work with 3rd-party routers as much as it was made to integrate with Grandstream’s upcoming routers. No matter what router you are using now and no matter what router you may use in the future, the GWN7610 will work well for you. When installing the GWN7610 with 3rd-party routers or access points, management of the GWN7610 APs would be done through the GWN7610 web user interface/embedded controller.

Security – Network security is always an important subject. The GWN7610 supports 2 high-end security features that many other APs do not support: a unique security certificate per device (based on SHA256 encryption) and random default passwords per device. These 2 features ensure that APs do not share security certificates or passwords and thus adds another level of protection per device and for the whole network.


We have been testing the device for a few weeks here at our TeleDynamics office and have found the devices to be very easy to install and quite powerful compared to similar mid-range Wi-Fi APs. We are excited to offer the GWN7610 and other GWN devices to our customers and would recommend them for any mid-range deployment.

Click here to view our article covering the GWN 7000 series of Wi-Fi access points and Gigabit router, including the GWN7600, GWN7610, GWN7600LR, and FWN7000 enterprise multi-WAN Gigabit VPN router.

Telephone dealers and installers: order the GWN7610 from the TeleDynamics website.


Grandstream GWN7610 Product Review


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