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Yealink productivity-enhancing solutions for the manufacturing sector

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Aug 3, 2022 10:46:00 AM

Yealink manufacturing solutions - Distributed by TeleDynamics

Every area of business has unique communications needs. Yealink knows this well and has honed its products and services to meet the needs of various industry sectors. Some industries that Yealink has chosen to focus on include education, finance, government, retail and manufacturing.

In this article, we discuss the manufacturing industry and how Yealink’s solutions help businesses contend with communications challenges inherent to this industry sector.

Manufacturing — organizational setup

Manufacturers face specific challenges when it comes to communications. Typically, a manufacturer will have various departments, including:

  • Research and development: The teams of engineers and designers developing products to be manufactured. They often have multiple dedicated labs or test centers.
  • Factories: The physical locations where the products are constructed and assembled. Factories may exist as single buildings but are often composed of multiple remote sites, each producing individual components of finished products.
  • Marketing: The department responsible for devising the strategy for promoting manufactured products to the general public.
  • Sales: The department responsible for coordinating the sale of the manufactured products among retailers, resellers and distributors.
  • Management and administration: The executives that make the company’s strategic decisions and determine the general direction of the enterprise.
Manufacturing — communication challenges

Teams of people compose all these departments, and they must communicate effectively for the manufacturing process to progress smoothly and efficiently. The very nature of modern manufacturing companies introduces obstacles that often hinder communication and thus introduce inefficiencies into this process.

Manufacturing requires R&D personnel, factory shift leaders and responsible executives to meet frequently to ensure everyone is on the same page. As executive goals change, product release cycles progress and market analyses reveal new trends, changes must occur to the whole process and new resources allocated to refining products.

As new products are developed, additional communication is needed, including training sessions for sales personnel, informational meetings for branch locations and short and long-term planning conferences.

However, most modern manufacturing companies employ multisite deployment, where headquarters, R&D, factories and branches are in different locations, cities or even countries. Frequent meetings among central personnel can be cumbersome and incur high travel costs, resulting in costly and inefficient communication. This results in delayed reactions to changing variables, information asymmetries, a sense of lack of active participation by key employees and insufficiently trained staff.

How Yealink overcomes these challenges

One might believe that any videoconferencing system can overcome the challenges described above. But just any videoconferencing system would be insufficient. Meetings require individuals to closely inspect blueprints and other documents that may only be available in hard copy. Prototypes, as another example, contain details such as shape, color and texture that must be clearly identified.

Yealink delivers equipment that can capture 4K video, enable high-definition document sharing and achieve up to 18× optical zoom. Devices with such capabilities can share design schematics and display sample models, including color and material textures, and demonstrate the functions of new products in detail. Key players can discuss the specifics of the prototype or other product as if the object were physically in front of them.

This high-quality video communication experience can overcome obstacles inherent in the manufacturing industry and greatly increase communications efficiency. This, in turn, can reduce the release cycle period and minimize the time needed to respond to quickly changing market conditions.

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Video: Quick overview of Yealink video solutions


Additional benefits

That’s not all. Departments such as sales and marketing can join the meetings from wherever they are, using PCs, laptops, tablets or mobile phones. Open communication enables them to deliver market or sales feedback immediately and eliminate delays in responding to queries.

Personnel at branch offices can attend regular meetings and take a more active role in the processes and procedures within the company. This eliminates the feeling of being left out while allowing more people to contribute positively and meaningfully to the manufacturing process.

Training can occur regularly with useful collaboration tools delivered by Yealink’s series of products and services. An instructor can communicate the training material clearly, including expressions and mannerisms during training, and share high-quality images of drawings and enlarged new product details. The entire training process can be recorded locally and watched by others who did not participate in the training session.

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Manufacturing firms can benefit from Yealink’s expertise and the innovation of their products and services. By intelligently employing appropriate services and deploying the appropriate devices at the correct locations, processes can be made much more efficient across the organization.


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