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Yealink updates its DECT phone lineup

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Jun 1, 2022 10:50:00 AM

Yealink DECT phones - Distributed by TeleDynamics

Yealink is updating its DECT phone offerings by issuing end of sales (EoS) announcements for particular models and suggesting new models. In this article, we inform you of all the details of this process, and what to keep in mind as you examine how to make the most of your investment in Yealink’s DECT infrastructure.

EoS models

The products affected by this EoS announcement are the W53H, W53P, W60P, and W60B Yealink model numbers. These numbers refer to either handsets, base stations, or bundles of both. The following list shows the devices that correspond to each model number:

  • W53H – Includes a handset and charger
  • W60B – A DECT base station
  • W53P – Bundle including the W53H handset with a W60B base station
  • W60P – Bundle including the W56H handset with a W60B base station

Note that in the case of the W60P bundle, the W56H handset included in this bundle is not being phased out, but only the W60B base station, which is part of the bundle itself.

The manufacturer stopped selling the W53H and the W53P as of January 31, 2022, but they will still be available from retailers that continue to have stock until sometime late in the second quarter of 2022.

Similarly, the manufacturer stopped selling the W60P and the W60B as of March 31, 2022, but they will be available from retailers that still have stock until sometime in the third quarter of 2022.

Support for EoS models

If you have recently purchased these phones or have them in use in your network, not to worry. Yealink has you covered.

For the first year after EoS, full support will be offered for these products, including hardware and software technical support, software bug fixes, and security fixes. For the second year until and including the fifth year after EoS, software bug fixes will be provided as needed, including support for upgrading to an existing newer firmware, but no new features, enhancements, or firmware development will be performed.

During this time, spares, replacement parts, and other hardware will be available from retailers while supplies last. Starting from the sixth year after EoS, no further support will be provided.

That means that these products will still be supported until the first quarter of 2027, which is a generous amount of time for scheduling EoS events and milestones. This schedule conforms to the End of Life (EoL) policies that Yealink has outlined in their Yealink EoL Products page.

Suggested replacement models

As you phase out the EoL models, Yealink suggests the following replacement products:

  • W73H replaces the W53H
  • W70B replaces the W60B
  • W73P replaces the W53P
  • W76P replaces the W60P

Note that the W76P bundle only replaces the W60B base station with the W70B base station. The W53H handset is still included in the new bundle.

These replacement models offer an enhanced feature set compared with the EoS models, ensuring you enjoy the same level of service from each device.

Key replacement device features

The following describes the key features of each of these offerings. Values in brackets indicate the performance of each device’s predecessor:

  • W73H handset and charger
    • 8” 128x160 pixel TFT color screen
    • Up to 10 SIP accounts
    • Up to 35 hours talk time [vs. 18 hours with the W53H]
    • Up to 400 hours standby time [vs. 200 hours with the W53H]
    • Quick charging
    • Headset connection via 3.5mm jack
  • W70B DECT base station
    • Up to 10 DECT cordless handsets [vs. 8 handsets with the W60B]
    • Up to 20 concurrent calls [vs. 8 with the W60B]
    • Up to 10 SIP accounts [vs. 8 SIP accounts]
    • Opus audio codec
    • Ethernet connectivity with PoE support
  • W73P bundle includes the W73H handset and the W70B base station
  • W76P bundle includes the W56H handset and the W70B base station. The W56H handset features:
    • 4” 240x320 pixel color screen
    • Up to 10 SIP accounts
    • Up to 30 hours talk time
    • Up to 400 hours standby time
    • Quick charging
    • Headset connection via 3.5mm jack

DECT innovations

DECT remains one of the most successful cordless telephony standards in the world, delivering turnkey solutions while providing extremely secure and robust communications. With little to no configuration necessary, DECT handsets are able to roam from base station to base station, enabling a highly mobile workforce within the confines of the enterprise. In combination with VoIP systems based on the SIP protocol, Yealink’s DECT solutions are an excellent companion to have when designing and deploying your enterprise communications system.


Yealink continues to advance its DECT offerings, retiring certain models and replacing them with more advanced devices.


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