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Yeastar is once again at the top in customer satisfaction

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Jul 20, 2022 10:43:00 AM

Yeastar ranked highest in customer satisfaction - TeleDynamics blog

Once again, Yeastar has lived up to its reputation. Yeastar was ranked number one in customer satisfaction for 2022 among 44 of the most prominent on-premises and cloud-based UC providers, according to a survey of 5,000 Information and Communications Technology (ICT) managers. Yeastar achieved this milestone in 2020, and this year's recognition confirms the company’s long-standing commitment to delivering the best possible service to its customers.

The award comes from the Eastern Management Group, a ommunications technology research firm that has been answering technology questions about companies, markets and products since 1979.

According to the report, Yeastar ranked first in customer satisfaction in the Recommend-To-A-Friend category.

Eastern Management Group’s report examines 12 specific customer satisfaction measurements. These are displayed in the table below, along with Yeastar’s performance compared with the industry average on a four-point scale for both UCaaS and on-premises platforms.

Eastern Management Group Customer satisfaction measurements - TeleDynamics blog

Yeastar outperformed the industry average in nine categories and scored a perfect 4.0 in the Recommend-to-a-Friend category. It also scored consistently well in Installation, Purchase Experience, Value and Overall Satisfaction.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the categories to see what Yeastar is delivering in these areas.

Installation: 3.18 stars

Yeastar offers phenomenally easy installation for both UCaaS and on-premises options. Its mobile app, desktop applications, physical installation processes for IP telephones and PBX appliances, and UCaaS solution registration and configuration are all intuitive, ergonomic and simple to understand. For even the largest installations, all VoIP services are typically up and running in less than a day — more often, it takes only a matter of hours.

Purchase experience: 3.16 stars

Whether you’re purchasing directly from Yeastar or via a reseller, the entire experience is a breeze, and you can perform all the steps online.

For UCaaS solutions, you can immediately access the service once you purchase your subscription. If you’re porting phone numbers from another provider, it may take additional time for that part of the process to complete — but that’s independent of the purchase experience.

If you’re purchasing an on-premises solution, it’s a similar online process. This is made effortless by resellers like TeleDynamics, which deal with all related shipping, delivery and installation support concerns for you.

Value: 3.10 stars

Value is a critical component of satisfaction in any service and another place where Yeastar delivers. It’s less about the technical nitty-gritty and more about the perceived usefulness, benefit and significance that customers observe about the services provided.

Assessing value means answering this key question: “How is my business better off with Yeastar’s services than it would be without them?” This may be a slightly simplified description, but the essence of value is the subjective sense the customer gets from the purchased service.

Yeastar excels in delivering value because its services are well suited and tuned to the needs of today’s businesses. Its offerings also complement each other in significant ways, further enhancing real and perceived value

Overall satisfaction: 3.13 stars

This rating is similar to value but not quite the same since it measures how well Yeastar’s services fulfill the requirements of the business at a high level. It includes the customer’s assessments of the technology, the customer support portal, the techs dealing with customer inquiries and problems, and all aspects of the delivered service.

It is vital to Yeastar that this particular metric be high because it truly gives an overall evaluation of what the company offers, indicating a well-rounded company providing a comprehensive set of functional and reliable products and services.


Eastern Management Group surveyed over 5,000 Information and Communications Technology (ICT) managers. These managers reported on a range of experiences as customers of 44 different VoIP providers, so it is no small feat for Yeastar to come out on top in the Recommend-To-A-Friend category and ahead in several other pivotal areas. It confirms Yeastar’s dedication to its customers, products, resellers and the telephony ecosystem.

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