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Organize and optimize your meeting spaces with Yeastar Workplace

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Jun 14, 2023 10:30:00 AM

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Advancements in videoconferencing and collaboration applications have further accelerated recent paradigm shifts involving mobile and hybrid work. It's increasingly essential for the modern workplace to be an adaptable and almost fluid environment that can fulfill every team member's communication, collaboration and interaction needs.

Enabling this environment requires a system capable of organizing, coordinating and managing various hardware, software and human resources. In this article, we discuss how Yeastar Workplace fits the bill. Yeastar Workplace is an all-in-one hardware and software management system that can efficiently and cost-effectively orchestrate and synchronize your workplace. Delivering room booking, desk booking and visitor management services, it ensures the effective utilization of the modern workplace's resources.

Challenges in today's modern workplace

With hybrid and remote work on the rise, many traditional office spaces can no longer adequately serve the needs of their occupants. Some of the most common challenges that cause inefficient use of office resources include cumbersome booking processes, double bookings, no-show meetings, insufficient collaboration equipment and time-consuming catering and cleaning service coordination.

Add to all this the inefficiency of desk space sitting unused when hybrid workers are absent and the often slow process of handling visitors, and the result can be an alarmingly high level of wastefulness in the workplace.

To mitigate these inefficiencies, Yeastar delivers a holistic workplace management system capable of coordinating and organizing multiple meeting rooms, workspaces, and visitor services in a single cloud-based system.

What is Yeastar Workplace?

Yeastar Workplace is a unified system that helps you build a productive and collaborative workplace. In the simplest terms, it is a workplace resource booking and management system, but that description does not do it justice! To fully appreciate its potential, let's take a deeper dive into the inner workings of this service.

The system is composed of three primary functions:

  • Room booking: A system that allows an organization to maximize the efficiency of meeting bookings and room resource utilization. Rooms can range from huddle or focus rooms to large auditoriums.
  • Desk booking: Improves resource usage, user experience, and collaboration to meet the needs of hybrid working.
  • Visitor management: Eases the management burden for those organizations hosting many visitors by providing guests and employees with a smooth and secure visitor experience.

Key features and enhancements

These functions are further enhanced by various advanced software and hardware capabilities, allowing Yealink Workplace to serve as a robust tool to streamline organizational operations. This includes visual cues displayed online and at the physical locations of the resources that provide real-time indications of the current status of meeting rooms and desk space.

A crucial element of Yeastar Workplace is its comprehensive, centralized, cloud-based management platform. Accessible by both administrators and users, the platform delivers a wealth of information.

A noteworthy feature is an interactive floor plan that provides real-time, future and historical booking data for rooms and desks. It also details users already participating in meetings within various conference rooms, further improving the system's usability.

Enhancing its collaborative features, Yeastar Workplace integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. This integration facilitates more efficient scheduling and communications within organizations, enriching their collaborative environments.

The platform also streamlines the booking process. Every booking made through the system automatically includes an invitation to all participants. Simultaneously, it sends information messages to auxiliary services, such as catering and cleaning, ensuring smooth operations for each booking.

Additionally, Yeastar Workplace significantly enhances visitor management through its visitor services. These include automatically welcoming visitors with detailed information displayed on screens and guiding them through registering to participate in meetings or other events.

Finally, it automates the process of informing relevant in-house personnel about the arrival of visitors. This feature not only provides a pleasant experience for visitors but also aids in effective and timely organizational communications.

Use cases

Yeastar Workplace is an ideal solution for organizations fully embracing hybrid office and mobile workforce paradigms. It supports shared meeting rooms with various setups, desk spaces that can be booked for specific periods, and automated visitor services.

Large enterprises with many different rooms, facilities and diverse workforces are in the best position to gain the most from this system. For example, Agoda, the Singapore-based online travel platform, has successfully deployed Yeastar Workplace to manage meeting rooms across 35 locations worldwide for its 5,000 employees.

They've deployed the Meeting Room Booking System and integrated their system with Microsoft 365. Now, booking meeting spaces can be done in one stop directly within the familiar Microsoft 365 interface.

Other suitable applications for Yeastar Workplace include organizations that provide hybrid office workspace for lease by multiple tenants on an as-needed basis. Many of these organizations have multiple sites within a city or across the country, and they typically have various meeting rooms with different setups, including conference rooms equipped with a whole range of collaboration and teleconferencing equipment.

They also provide valuable workspaces in the form of single desks for individual employees or clumps of desks to enable small-team collaboration.

In a future article, we'll talk more about the specific capabilities of Yeastar Workplace and provide details about the software, hardware, and system operation within the framework of an organization.


At a time when the hybrid office and the mobile workforce are continually changing, it is essential to have the office space infrastructure you really need and to ensure that it is being used at peak efficiency. You don't want too much capacity, but having state-of-the-art teleconferencing and collaboration meeting rooms sitting idle for hours would also be a shame.

Getting the appropriate balance to maximize usage while minimizing costs can be challenging, but Yeastar Workspace makes it easy!

Click here to request a free trial of Yeastar Workplace or to request a demo.

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