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How to unleash the power of the hybrid workplace

Posted by Guest Blogger on Apr 13, 2022 10:55:00 AM

By: Konftel

Konftel hybrid office illustration - TeleDynamics blog

Embracing the new hybrid work culture can be a tricky challenge to find the right balance and ensure a successful transition. Here we reveal the latest tips and advice, together with insights about how successful companies are unleashing the power of flexible working to generate cost savings, revenue gains and increased productivity.

We believe more online meetings will take place across more locations, as not everyone will return to the office in the way they did before. The workplace of the future is being reshaped based on a mix of in-office and remote working. There’s no going back! 

Backed by independent analysis and our own front line expertise – as a leading collaboration device manufacturer, we predict a continuing increase in hybrid working, with a workplace revolution inspiring growing demand for higher quality endpoints.

So just what are the secrets to success?

In the future many companies will create a new ecosystem, with a central office used to host clients, foster inspiration and facilitate collaborative sessions, complemented by virtual interaction via flexible working and meeting options.

The most successful companies...

  • provide employees with a choice of work location
  • provision more video and audio devices for work from home
  • are more likely to be deploying video to all or most meeting rooms
  • are more likely to use video for most meetings and see it as critical business technology
  • consider the ability of meeting rooms to support multiple meeting apps of high importance
  • refresh meeting rooms every three years

Another important factor is being able to use flexible, vendor-agnostic hardware that works across multiple platforms and is both easy to use and set up. These observations are endorsed by strategic advisory analysts Metrigy. Their latest 160-page report is based on almost 400 global companies with mean annual revenue of $1.4 billion. Of these, a "success group" was identified based on above-average cost savings, revenue increase and productivity gains derived from their investments in collaboration technology. Easier collaboration, more efficient meetings, increased project capacity and reduced travel expenses are some of the many benefits achieved.

Measurable differences

Just over 70% of these “most successful companies” saw value in equipping employees with high-quality endpoints. But it can be a bit of a jungle out there to find the right equipment for the right room. One size doesn’t fit all, so Konftel has created an interactive Room Type Guide to optimize the decision-making process. 

Konftel interactive room type guide illustration - TeleDynamics blog

According to Metrigy's report, 60% of the success group use video for most meetings. In general, 44.9% of all companies surveyed have seen an increase in video use over the latest-three month period. Video and audio performance are viewed as the main meeting metrics. Successful companies are also less likely to view the office as a place just for work, but rather also see it as a collaboration hub for meetings and face-to-face interaction.

In addition, more employees can choose whether they want to work from home, although location depends on their role. The research also highlights how increasing video use inspires greater success, with higher levels of video in all meeting rooms and wider levels of general deployment. The success group is using or planning to deploy greater numbers of webcams, compared with standard companies. 

Individual choice matters

Konftel recognize it’s completely natural for people to want to use their own laptop for the apps and collaborative tools they prefer or have been provided by their IT department. So we’ve developed a Bring Your Own Meeting blueprint for hassle-free conferencing. This ensures people have the same familiarity and confidence when sitting on their own or joining colleagues to link up for a wider video conference. Over 80% of the success group find multi-app access of moderate or high importance.

In addition to high-quality technology, one of the most crucial factors is consulting with staff, keeping them engaged and planning ahead. As transition accelerates, it’s important to recognize what change means for individuals. Try to find the optimum way forward that works for all parties as part of a collective approach. A company’s success lies in its people. Understanding individual needs should be a key focus and balanced against general business goals.

Journey to success

Many successful companies from around the world are already embracing hybrid working based on greater use of video meetings, to reap long-term rewards. The time to act is now!

Note: this article was originally published on Konftel's website.

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