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Yealink UC Workstation and DECT wireless headset

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Feb 24, 2021 10:41:00 AM

Product Review

Yealink WH66 UC Workstation, distributed by TeleDynamics

Over the years, Yealink has repeatedly redefined business communications and collaboration, introducing new and innovative solutions. Yealink has done this once again with the introduction of the UC Workstation, a truly revolutionary step in improving workspace and employee productivity.

Here we examine some of the most intriguing features of this new product that will help to get your business to the next level of productivity.

Redefining the workspace

Whether you are sitting in your office at corporate headquarters or working from home, chances are that your workspace is cluttered with various communication devices, including a desk phone, mobile phone, computer, laptop, tablet, headset, and numerous other accessories and gadgets. Each one promises to make you more productive, but by adding more devices, they also create a more cluttered and complicated workspace.

Yealink has endeavored to declutter and redefine your workspace with the introduction of the Yealink all-in-one UC Workstation, which can consolidate all of your communications through one device.

All-in-one UC workstation

Yealink WH66 UC Workstation and DECT headset by TeleDynamics

This UC Workstation from Yealink is so much more than just a new telephony endpoint. It consolidates multiple features and functionalities into a single, sleekly designed device. Users that routinely deal with a high volume of calls while simultaneously performing other tasks will especially appreciate Yealink’s attention to detail in its design. Some of the most attractive all-in-one features it delivers include:

  • A headset with multiple smart and ergonomic features
  • A 4-inch touchscreen console
  • Full duplex hands-free speakerphone
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Integrated mobile phone charging stand
  • Built-in USB hub enabled with Yealink USB Connect

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A headset like no other

The WH66 comes equipped with a headset that is quite unique. Using the DECT wireless standard, which consists of a robust and mature set of signaling protocols, this wireless headset delivers high-quality sound over long distances, delivering true freedom, especially for employees that are mobile within the workplace. Among its many innovative features, this headset includes:

Acoustic Shield Technology – Using dual noise canceling microphones, background noise is filtered out while you’re on a call, guaranteeing that your listeners will hear you and not the sounds around you, for a distraction-free conversation.

Busy light visual cue – This is a subtle but clear indicator on the headphones themselves that provides a visual cue to those around you showing that you are on a call. This helps reduce interruptions, especially in busy working environments.

Wireless range of up to 160 meters and 14 hours of talk time – That’s 525 feet of freedom, allowing you to be mobile within the workplace while you communicate.

Mono and dual headphone options – The headset can be worn as a monoaural headphone, with only one ear listening to the phone conversation, meaning you can perceive sound cues from around you. Alternatively, a dual headphone option more effectively blocks out ambient sounds, enabling you to focus on the conversation at hand.

Intelligent Mute Zone mic – when the mic boom is raised to within 30° of the headband, it is automatically muted, so you can freely speak to those around you without being heard by the person on the other end of the call.

Ear cushions – These are made of leather, are soft and comfortable, and can be replaced if needed.

Multiple users in the same workspace – The DECT standard allows up to 200 users to enjoy wireless communications simultaneously!

Yealink USB Connect

Yealink’s USB Connect is a desktop application that can manage multiple Yealink products connected via a USB cable. The WH66 can be connected to a PC or Mac and can be configured using this easy-to-use utility. There is no need to sift through the configuration parameters on the device’s small screen. Using the WH66 as a USB hub, you can connect other Yealink devices and configure them via the same PC, vastly simplifying configuration and setup.

Broad compatibility with other vendors

The WH66, like most of Yealink’s products, is compatible for use with a vast number of third-party applications and devices. Using connecting technologies such as USB and Bluetooth, the WH66 can interact with headsets, speakerphones, cameras, and UC platforms, ensuring higher productivity and lower costs. Furthermore, the WH66 is Microsoft Teams certified and is designed with a dedicated Teams button to activate the service with a single touch.

Additional services that are fully compatible with the WH66 include those provided by Google, Zoom, Avaya, SkySwitch, and Broadsoft, among others.


Yealink continues to raise the bar on enterprise communications and collaboration, and the WH66 UC Workstation DECT headset is no exception. If your employees do a lot of multitasking, work in a lively and vibrant workplace, or find themselves constantly in an environment where a certain level of mobility is necessary, the WH66 headset is an ideal and innovative solution for you.

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