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Konftel Cam10 webcam: Compact design, big performance

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Feb 17, 2021 10:51:00 AM

Product Review

Konftel Cam10  - TeleDynamics

When conferring with your colleagues, partners, or customers online, it’s important to be clearly seen and heard. Words as well as facial expressions, gestures, and body language all contribute to effective communication. The Konftel Cam10 high-quality webcam allows you to transmit all these forms of communication at a highly accessible price point, making your videoconferences the next best thing to being there.

Take-anywhere business-class performance

Konftel’s Cam10 is a business-class webcam primarily designed for desktop users that require high-quality audio and video communications. Offering an exceptional videoconferencing experience, it eliminates travel time, thereby reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Delivering 1080p high-definition video with crystal-clear audio from two microphones using noise reduction technology, it is an ideal, easy-to-install, and simple-to-use solution. Its compact design along with its universal USB connectivity can easily turn any office or workplace into a location for personal video meetings, conforming well to today’s hybrid working trends.

Alluring characteristics

The camera has a comfortably wide field of view of 90°, which allows two participants to be easily seen. Optimal placement is on top of a desktop monitor, since it allows you to simulate making eye contact, promoting a more natural viewing experience. The camera can also be placed on a tripod for additional versatility.

The Cam10 is compatible with all widely used cloud teleconferencing systems. You can even improve your videoconferencing experience by pairing the Cam10 with the Konftel Ego, a professional speakerphone, enabling you to create an enhanced experience through Konftel’s OmniSound® audio technology.

Key features

The Konftel Cam10 delivers the following feature set:

  • 1080p HD quality video at 30 frames per second
  • 4x digital zoom
  • Dual microphones
  • Auto focus
  • Viewing angle of 90°
  • Digital pan, tilt, zoom (ePTZ)
  • Supported digital formats include YUY2, MJPEG, H.264
  • Damping bracket for desktop monitor mounting
  • Threaded tripod bracket
  • Built-in privacy shutter
  • 1.55-meter (5 feet) fixed USB 2.0 cable
  • Compatible with professional Konftel Ego speakerphone for enhanced audio performance

Compatibility features

The Cam10 may look like just any other webcam, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve. Not only is it compatible with traditional Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, but also with devices running the Android operating system. More and more devices are using the Android operating system, including smart TVs, DECT telephones, game consoles, and even some cars! This means that you can integrate it with any Android device that sports a USB port. This is especially useful when used with a television, as it enables you to take advantage of the larger screen to enhance your communications experience.

Most businesses today are adopting the extensive use of cloud-based collaboration systems. As mentioned previously, the Cam10 is compatible with many of these platforms, including Zoom, LogMeIn, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx, to name a few.

Concern for the environment

You’ll be pleased to know that Konftel is climate neutral certified. This means that as a company, its business practices offset all greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the manufacturing and logistics processes involved in getting a Cam10 device into your hands. So not only is there an instant climate benefit from your very first videoconference that replaces a business trip, but by purchasing Konftel products, you are contributing to ensuring a healthier and more environmentally friendly world.


The Cam10 is a high-quality, practical, and financially accessible choice for enabling videoconferencing on your desktop computer. With the multitude of options made available to its users, it is an excellent choice for anyone needing to communicate effectively and efficiently at a distance.

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