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Yealink unveils cutting-edge T44U & T44W SIP desk phones

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Feb 7, 2024 10:26:00 AM

Yealink T44U/W -  TeleDynamics Blog

Yealink, known for its distinctive style, recently expanded its impressive IP phone portfolio by introducing two new desk phone models, the T44U and T44W IP desk phones.

These additions bridge the gaps within Yealink’s existing range by offering fresh features and improved capabilities to enhance the T4 prime business IP phone series. In this article, we describe some of the key features of these appealing new phones.

Yealink’s desktop phone portfolio

Yealink’s SIP desk phone portfolio consists of three primary groupings: the T3 entry-levelT4 prime business, and T5 premium business IP phones. We recently showcased the T34W IP phone, which has enhanced the entry-level model series and is considered a game changer for small businesses. This time, we’re looking at the T44 model within the prime business category, which comes in two versions.

Yealink T44U and T44W IP phones 

The T44U and T44W IP desk phone models nicely complement the T4 series of Yealink phones. They fit snugly between the T43U and T46U models, delivering an intermediate level of service and features.

All models in the Yealink T4 series support the Open SIP protocol, have unified T4 Series firmware, offer HD voice audio quality with Acoustic Shield and Smart Noise Filtering, feature full-duplex HD speakerphones, support USB headsets, can be expanded with up to three EXP43 expansion modules, and have dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support​​.

In addition to all these features, the T44U/W models are distinguished in the series by their color displays, compared to the larger but monochrome screen of the T43U model.

The T44W offers integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, while these connectivity options can be enabled on the T44U by using the WF50 (Wi-Fi) or BT41 (Bluetooth) USB adapters. Both of these can be used simultaneously, if desired, since the phone sports dual USB ports.

Key features of the T44U and T44W

Some of the key features of these phones are listed below. Both the T44U and T44W models offer:

  • A 2.8” 320×240-pixel color LCD screen
  • Support for up to 12 SIP accounts
  • Support for five-party conference calling
  • Eight line keys
  • Dual USB 2.0 ports
  • T4XU Series unified firmware
  • Supports for multiple color-screen expansion models
  • High-definition audio for both handset and speaker
  • Acoustic Shield technology
  • Gigabit Ethernet speeds for connected workstations
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities:
    • Integrated (T44W)
    • Optional with the use of appropriate adapters (T44U)

Use case for the Yealink T44U/W

Scenario: A busy call center or a large corporate office.

Application: The T44U and T44W models, with their color displays and support for up to 12 SIP accounts, are well-suited for intensive phone usage environments. The T44W, in particular, with its integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, is ideal for places where wireless connectivity is preferred. 

It’s also perfect for executives, managers, and high-call-volume employees who need to connect to Bluetooth headsets for hands-free operation. The model’s local conferencing feature supports collaborative calls, making it a good choice for conference rooms or team-based settings as well.


Yealink consistently impresses with its ability to create and launch new phones that meet practical communications demands in the real world. The T44U/W stands out as a flexible IP desk phone, featuring a 2.8-inch color display along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities (built-in for the T44W and optional for the T44U), making it a fine choice for busy business environments.

These phones further enhance Yealink’s extensive and diverse product range, helping it maintain its leading position in today’s telecom market.

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