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Pivot quickly with Grandstream’s UCM6300 solutions

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Jan 6, 2021 10:47:00 AM

Product Review

Grandstream UCM6300 ecosystem

In today’s world, businesses have to pivot on a moment’s notice in order to survive. They need communications systems that are scalable and flexible enough to handle a mix of onsite and remote workers, as well as be used with a variety of enterprise and employee-owned devices, not to mention enhanced security to enable users to connect to the network in a variety of ways. Grandstream’s UCM6300 ecosystem is up to the task.

In this article we examine Grandstream’s UCM solutions that help companies adapt and thrive in a changing landscape.

What’s in the UCM6300 ecosystem

Grandstream’s UCM6300 ecosystem is an ensemble of business communications tools and services that are specifically designed for a mix of on-site and remote workers. The ecosystem pairs together the customization and control of an on-premise IP PBX with the remote access of a cloud solution to provide an easy-to-manage hybrid communications platform for businesses of all sizes. The ecosystem includes the Wave app for web and mobile usage, which is a hub for collaborating remotely, and UCM RemoteConnect, a cloud NAT traversal service for ensuring secure remote connections. The UCM6300 series also offers cloud setup and management through Grandstream’s Device Management System (GDMS) and an API for integration with third-party platforms. These components are described below.

Grandstream UCM6301 IP PBXUCM6300 series IP PBX

This IP PBX is a high-end unified communications solution packed with features focusing on mobility, security, video, and collaboration tools. This series of IP PBXs provides a platform that unifies all business communications on one centralized network, including voice, video calling, videoconferencing, video surveillance, web meetings, data, analytics, mobility, facility access, intercoms, and more. It can also integrate with multiple well-known third-party software and services, including CRM and PMS platforms. Browse the family of UCM6300 IP PBXs on our website.

UCM RemoteConnect

UCM RemoteConnect is a cloud-based service with benefits for both the network administrator and the end user. Administrators can use it to enable secure remote access and device management. It provides zero-touch NAT firewall traversal for remote users and devices while offering IT professionals a secure tool for easily managing the IP PBXs, registered endpoints, and remote users.

For end users, UCM RemoteConnect enables the secure delivery of powerful audio and video collaboration tools through Grandstream’s Wave mobile and web app, as well as through other integrated Grandstream collaboration devices and SIP endpoints. This cloud service maintains 99.9% reliability by running on Amazon Web Services while offering zero-touch configuration and IT-friendly management.

The Wave app

The Wave app delivers a mobile and web app for the UCM6300-series IP PBXs, allowing remote workers to easily communicate and collaborate no matter where they are located. It offers a powerful voice and video collaboration platform for users to join, schedule and hold online meetings, calls, and conferences from anywhere. It also allows UCM6300 series users to directly call other extensions, landlines, and mobile numbers.

Grandstream’s GDMS

The GDMS cloud-based device management system provides easy-to-use, enterprise-level tools to manage Grandstream products before, during, and after deployment. This free service enables administrators to manage all of their communications infrastructure from a single management interface.

Deployment scenarios

The UCM6300 ecosystem is ideal for a variety of deployment scenarios in various business sectors. Some of the most useful scenarios include:

Remote workers - An increasingly remote workforce requires tools to make collaborating easier. The UCM6300 ecosystem gives remote users access to their extensions and calling capabilities without connecting to their desktop IP endpoints.

ICT Professionals - Ideal for ICT teams who need to manage and secure remote access to an on-site business solution. ICT personnel and installers can manage, customize, and configure entire deployments of devices on one centralized cloud platform.

Offices - Offices large and small can utilize the UCM6300 ecosystem to create a more flexible working environment and keep all users connected despite geographical separation.

Call Centers - The UCM6300 ecosystem can be leveraged for hybrid call center solutions, allowing agents to be located remotely and still have access to advanced call handling capabilities, features, and security.


The age of individual solutions for business communications needs is over. Today’s business environment requires well-rounded solutions that resolve multiple challenges in a holistic manner. This is what Grandstream’s UCM6300 ecosystem is designed to handle. Together, the UCM6300 IP PBX, UCM RemoteConnect, Wave app, and GDMS management platform deliver everything an organization requires for a flexible, secure and adaptable communications infrastructure.

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