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When it comes to videoconferencing, one size doesn’t fit all

Posted by Guest Blogger on Mar 14, 2018 3:48:00 PM

Find the conferencing solution that's made for you. Presenting the GVC3200 series.

Grandstream GVC3200 series conference solution

By Dorothy Murach, Marketing Manager at Grandstream Networks

We all know that no two businesses are exactly alike, so why settle for conventional business communications solutions? Instead of accepting the idea that devices “just work that way,” we should be asking for products that “work OUR way.” With this in mind, Grandstream set out to create a line of videoconferencing systems that are flexible, powerful and affordable — allowing businesses of all kinds to create a videoconferencing solution that works the way they operate, not the other way around.  

The GVC3200 series of videoconferencing (VC) systems offers options that cover the diverse needs of businesses big, small and in-between. The series consists of three models: the GVC3200, GVC3202 and GVC3210. In this article we’ll explore each device in the GVC family and help you understand the flexibility and customization provided by each one — guiding you to choose a device that works the way your business does.

Meet the family – the GVC3200 series

The GVC series combines SIP, AndroidTM, H.323 and cloud conferencing capabilities into one device. What exactly does all this mean? Whether you want multi-point or point-to-point conferencing, video calls through your choice of popular Android apps like Skype, communication with third-party systems such as Polycom or Cisco, or high-capacity cloud conferencing, you can make it all happen with the GVC series.

When it comes to diverse video conferencing needs, the GVC series has you covered.

Need to conference with a client or office that has a different VC system?
Use either SIP or the H.323 protocol and done.

Want to host webinars for a large audience?
Use your GVC with IPVideoTalk or another cloud meeting platform.

Have attendees that can’t join from a VC system?
Bridge their Skype call into your GVC call and keep the meeting going.

Have a remote workforce?
Connect your conference room with users through their desktops, laptops and smartphones through the use of cloud meeting platforms. Our recommendation is Grandstream’s own IPVideoTalk.

On a tight budget?
The GVC series is designed to be accessible for any business.

You can see what we mean when we say the GVC series is flexible. Let’s meet each member of the GVC3200 series family to help you determine which one has the feature set for your business’s video conferencing style.

GVC3200 – The original VC system from Grandstream, the GVC3200 offers up to 9-way videoconferencing through its built-in MCU (multi-point control unit), a powerful 12x zoom wide-angle camera, 3 monitor outputs and easy content sharing. It features up to 1080p video resolution and HD audio, making sure every conference maintains top visual and audio quality.  

The GVC3200 is a VC system that is both powerful and flexible, with the capacity to keep up with the needs of a growing business and the flexibility to communicate on your terms. This system works well in larger spaces and conference rooms, and for users who prefer more screen layouts, it features 3 HDMI-out ports. The GVC3200 also has integrated Wi-Fi, allowing it to connect to your network without the need to install new Ethernet cables.

GVC3202The little sibling to the GVC3200, the GVC3202 offers the same flexible conferencing platform but in a lower-capacity package. The GVC3202 also has a built-in MCU and offers up to 3-way video calls with a 9x zoom camera, 2 HDMI-out ports for monitors, and omits the integrated Wi-Fi feature available in the GVC3200. This model is well suited for smaller conference rooms, personal offices and the increasingly popular “huddle-room” space. Users who plan to mainly use cloud conferencing platforms also prefer this model, as the cloud can host larger conferences beyond the GVC3202’s MCU, thus saving money by not purchasing a system with more native capacity than needed.

GVC3210 – Our newest addition to the family, the GVC3210 is a videoconferencing endpoint made for users who can forgo an MCU and prefer to use point-to-point or cloud conferencing instead. At a market-leading price point of $999 (MSRP), the GVC3210 gives businesses the option to eliminate costly hardware and spend less on cloud services. As with the other models within the series, the GVC3210 can be used with Android apps like Skype and Google Hangouts, and supports the H.323 protocol, allowing users to call third-party conference devices.

Features of the GVC3210 include an Android 6.x operating system, built-in speaker, 4-MIC array and support for external audio equipment, a 90-degree wide-angle lens and 2 HDMI-out ports. The device can host point-to-point calls with 4k video resolution for the highest quality video experience. The GVC3210 is easy to install and a great endpoint for portable spaces, offering both Wi-Fi and Miracast, wireless screen sharing, as well as a magnetic monitor mount for installation without drilling or running new wires.

Now that you’ve been introduced to the GVC series, it’s time to choose the best model for you. Download our GVC series comparison chart for a detailed look at the features and specifications of each model to help you decide the perfect fit for the way your business runs.



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