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Yeastar UCaaS Turnkey Solutions

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Aug 17, 2022 10:30:00 AM


Yeastar UCaas Turkey Solution - TeleDynamics blog

One of the primary questions that today’s businesses ask when choosing a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) system is: “How fast can we get up and running?” Yeastar’s UCaaS Turnkey Solutions has an answer most will love to hear: “As fast as you can get your business up and running.” Yeastar can deliver your UCaaS when you need it, which is an attractive selling point for end users. Here's what you need to know.

Changing business establishment methods

Gone are the days of waiting months for a business idea to become a reality. Businesses today can go from inception to full operation within days.

Also gone are the days of waiting weeks for the phone company to connect you to your telephone communications service. Telephone services can be up and running within several days. too. In fact, with the advent of UCaaS solutions and innovative online purchasing, onboarding and configuration processes, it can even be within hours! This is especially true of Yeastar’s UCaaS Turnkey Solutions.

What makes a UCaaS solution “turnkey”?

The word is trendy in today’s telecom market, but what makes a UCaaS solution turnkey? The solution needs to meet several criteria:

  • Serverless solution. In a turnkey solution, everything except for the end-user equipment and software is on the cloud, meaning there is no server or appliance to configure, either on-site or cloud-based. Everything is preconfigured for you. Serverless configuration speeds things up procedurally and saves money since there is no initial expenditure.
  • Self-enrollment and subscription activation. You can easily subscribe, pay for and configure your UCaaS solution online without waiting for a sales rep to contact you or a tech to set things up. Of course, if you do need them, both sales and tech reps are available.
  • Intuitive and ergonomically designed interfaces. To get up and running automatically without outside help, both user and admin interfaces need to be well-designed and self-explanatory. A turnkey system lets users and admins instinctively use these interfaces to achieve what they need quickly and easily.
  • Click to change/upgrade functionality. Beyond the initial setup, it’s also critical to easily modify your service when necessary. Creating PBX instances, upgrading a service or adding, removing or changing user characteristics easily is vital for a service to be considered turnkey.

Yeastar’s P-Series cloud edition PBX system delivers on all the requirements above and more, making it a truly turnkey offering. Yeastar’s emblematic phrase — “Up and Running Today” — tells you exactly what service you can expect.

Advantages for resellers

The P-Series cloud edition was specifically designed for telecom resellers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). It’s a ready-to-go deployment option optimized for small to medium-sized businesses seeking a fast, robust, flexible and intuitive UC solution that requires little initial expenditure. It allows resellers to drive revenue as fast as possible by jumpstarting their cloud-based UC services.

The P-Series is not just an IP PBX; it is a multichannel communications system that includes voice, video, messaging and contact center features all rolled into a single product.

Important information for resellers

The turnkey concept is a significant selling point for resellers of UCaaS systems. Resellers should familiarize themselves with specific features to highlight the advantages and maximize sales. Resellers can discover more about the P-Series and how to effectively present it to their potential customers using Yeastar’s prepared Turnkey UCaaS Solution Brochure. This document will help you get your customers on board, including vital data such as:

  • A detailed overview of opportunities and challenges facing resellers of the service
  • A description of what makes Yeastar’s UCaaS offering different
  • An explanation of how a turnkey business model drives success
  • A synopsis of Yeastar’s Central Management system, considered the easiest channel-oriented UCaaS management platform
  • A sales-oriented depiction of the offered suite of unified communications solutions



UCaaS solutions that can be up and running on the same day are very attractive to businesses, especially those that depend upon the swift establishment and launching of their services. If you’re a reseller or an MSP, Yeastar's Turnkey UCaaS Solution can enable you to achieve a higher lead-to-sales rate for your marketing and sales activities.


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