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Darby School District modernizes its phone and PA system with Yeastar

Posted by TeleDynamics on Oct 25, 2023 10:52:00 AM

Case study

Yeastar case study - TeleDynamics blog

Case study provided by Yeastar

The Darby School District comprises a vibrant community of preschool to 12th-grade students. Employing over 60 employees and serving hundreds of students, the district has consistently maintained an excellent standing in supporting its students and their families over the years.

The mindset

The Darby School District's website reveals the district's clear commitment to technological advancement. This isn't merely for the sake of staying updated; it's a dedication to ensuring that technology is used to its fullest extent to provide for the evolving needs of their students.

The challenge

Given the school district's commitment to its students, it was unthinkable for the district to persist with its outdated PBX and PA system, plagued with voicemail malfunctions and call completion challenges.

Even with budget constraints, the school recognized the urgency to update these essential operational components, not only for functional reasons but also for safety. It was time for an overhaul, and this is where Yeastar comes in.

The solution

The Darby School District teamed up with a local integrator to deliver a solution that would fulfill the operational as well as the security needs of the school. Specifically, they set up a Yeastar phone system, deployed 50 phones across classrooms and offices, and provided two phones for the reception area.

Yeastar's IP-PBX delivers voice, video, and collaboration all in a single device. With its flexible and modular design, it can grow with the school, future-proofing its investment and maximize its ROI.

Additionally, the integrator supplied several headsets and 3 Analog Telephony Adaptor (ATA) devices to integrate with the PA system, covering areas like the hallways, the woodshop, and the gymnasiums.

Yeastar delivers two ATA options, one with a single port and another with two ports. These devices allow the incorporation of analog systems, such as the school's existing PA system, to be integrated into the VoIP-based solution, allowing them to enjoy all the benefits such an advanced system delivers.

Incorporating Linkus UC Clients enabled the school's administrators and staff to maintain constant communication across the campus. The auto-attendant feature greatly reduced the receptionist's call load by up to 70%. Furthermore, merging the legacy PA system with phone-based announcements ensured efficient delivery of both regular and emergency messages.

On top of Yeastar's very competitive prices, the integrator introduced a leasing strategy that eased the school's financial constraints.

The principal of the Darby School District, Chris Toynbee, stated, "We have worked with a number of phone solutions from a number of major manufacturers, and none of them compare to the excellent support and feature-rich solutions we receive from Yeastar."

The result

Darby School District now has a modern communications system that delivers high-quality voice and video capabilities to teachers and staff and gives them the freedom to remain connected as they move across campus. It integrates seamlessly with the existing PA system, ensuring convenience and security while managing a significant volume of inbound calls automatically.  


This high-tech approach aligns perfectly with the philosophy the district has fostered over recent years: leveraging technology to meet the needs of its staff and students. Yeastar takes pride in being central to these essential system enhancements, benefiting educators, school staff, and, above all, the students.

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