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What we love about the Konftel 800 SIP conference phone

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Sep 25, 2019 10:46:00 AM

people in a conference room using Konftel 800 IP conference phone

Don’t just be good at what you do; look good doing it! That’s the philosophy that inspired Konftel when it designed its new 800 SIP conference phone. Chock full of innovative features, this new phone is well designed, exceptionally functional, and looks great – and it has the awards to prove it! In this article we review what we love about this robust conference phone.

A phone for medium to large conference rooms

Konftel’s target customer base for this device is organizations that have medium to large conference rooms. The phone offers remarkable flexibility with features, accessories, and configurations that enable it to connect remote sites with anywhere from two to more than 20 local participants. Its expandability and adaptability enable you to configure the device to meet the requirements of your room. Adaptability to a varying number and distribution of participants, as well as the ability to add video to your conferences, are all part of the Konftel 800 SIP conference phone’s attractive features.

The innovation

Some of the most compelling aspects of this new device include the easy-to-use interface via the built-in color touch screen. Here, available features and actions are presented with intuitive icons and menus. Volume and mute options are controlled via separate physical buttons.

Konftel’s Unite app can be installed on your smartphone and used to control and manage communication via Bluetooth. From the app, you can use One-Touch Conferencing to start a conference with literally the touch of a single button. You can also call contacts or groups of contacts from the personal contact list on the connected smartphone, and likewise, control the conference phone’s functions during the meeting.

The Konftel 800 can be used with any number of modern communication and collaboration services, whether in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid environments. It connects via SIP, USB and Bluetooth LE. The platform enables BYOD (bring your own device) for web and video meetings, where you can also invite participants via regular phone calls. Konftel refers to this as hybrid conferences.

For very large conference rooms, up to three Konftel 800 devices can be daisy-chained together to increase both the audio distribution and pick-up range for maximum conference coverage.

Additional accessories like microphones and cameras can be used to further enhance the conferencing experience. These are described in greater detail below.

The design

The 800 SIP conference phone truly looks great. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but in the case of the Konftel 800, its elegant design has been recognized with a Red Dot Design Award for 2019 which has become an internationally established and recognizable seal of quality for exceptional design.

Konftel 800 conference phone with red dot award logo

The award not only evaluates how a product looks, but also its ease of use, its innovation, and the quality and feel of interacting with the device.

The Konftel C50800 hybrid conference kit

To further enchance the conference phone’s capability, it can be paired with a Konftel Cam50 Conference camera to add a video component to the conference. The camera can be integrated with the phone using Konftel’s One Cable Connection (OCC) Hub, a device that interconnects the two and allows them to function together. In addition to being sold separately, these components are made available as a cost-effective kit known as the Konftel C50800 Hybrid conference kit.

Konftel C50800 Hybrid Conferencing KitThis kit equips you with an all-in-one collaboration solution that delivers outstanding image and audio quality. Regardless of what conferencing system you are using, you can leverage this kit to make your connections. Simply bring your meeting with you on any laptop with a USB port, plug it in and you’re ready to communicate. You can easily conference in PSTN calls on the same system, as well.

The kit includes the 800 SIP conference phone, the Cam50 PTZ camera, the OCC Hub, and a PoE injector used to power the conference phone via Power over Ethernet if desired.

Additional accessories

Whether you are deploying a stand-alone conference phone or a conference kit, you can increase the audio pickup range of the device by adding up to two Konftel Smart Microphones. Simply plug them into the conference phone and you’re on the air. These mics employ Konftel’s patented OmniSound® technology that enables echo cancellation and background noise reduction, delivering a more pleasant-sounding conference experience. They also have convenient independent mute buttons, as well as a pickup range of up to 20 feet to accommodate even the largest of conference rooms.

Key features

Key features of each component of this conferencing suite include:

  • Konftel 800 SIP conference phone
    • 3” 480x800 pixel color touch screen
    • 2 volume buttons and three mute buttons
    • Remote control of conference via mobile app
    • Menu in multiple languages
    • Supports all SIP call features of connected SIP server
    • Ethernet, USB and Bluetooth connectivity
    • Support for G711, G722, G729, Opus, and iLBC codecs
    • High-quality speakers with frequency range of 80–14000 Hz
    • 3 built-in digital microphones with a pickup range of 20 feet
    • OmniSound® technology enabled
    • Daisy-chain up to 3 devices to produce a combined system of 3 speakers and 9 built-in microphones

  • Konftel Cam50 PTZ camera
    • Full HD 1080p/60fps
    • Pan 170° Tilt 60°
    • 12x optical zoom
    • Field of view 72.5°–6.9°
    • Supports USB 3.0 and HDMI connectivity

  • Konftel OCC Hub
    • Heart of audio and video conferencing
    • Connects to both conference phone and video camera using USB
    • Connects to a display device (TV, projector) using HDMI

  • Konftel Smart Microphone
    • Pickup range of 20 feet
    • Built-in echo cancellation and background noise reduction using OmniSound®

  • Konftel Unite App
    • Available for Android and Apple iOS phones
    • Synchronization with both email and calendar apps for conference scheduling
    • Use local contacts or groups to initiate and manage multi-party calls

View or download the Konftel 800 data sheet.


Chock full of innovative features, the Konftel 800 SIP conference phone is well designed, exceptionally functional, and looks great! When deployed as a kit with the high-quality Cam50 PTZ camera and control system, you have a world-class video conferencing solution that easy to deploy, simple to manage, and financially viable for the vast majority of organizations.

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