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Optimize your networks with the Yeastar Central Management system

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Apr 10, 2024 10:25:00 AM

Yeastar Central Management system screenshot and man using a laptop - TeleDynamics blog The Yeastar Central Management (YCM) system is a comprehensive tool designed for the unified management of Yeastar-based networks, offering streamlined configuration, monitoring, and management of devices and services.

It simplifies the complexities of managing an extensive telecommunications infrastructure by providing a centralized platform for overseeing all connected Yeastar devices and services, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

In this article, we explore some of the benefits and advantages of this platform for channel partners.

The evolution of networks

In today’s highly interconnected world, communications networks are increasingly becoming the cornerstone of operations as more and more business applications and services leverage their infrastructures. As a result, networks are progressively developing into more complex, intricate, and multifaceted entities. This results in a great deal of network administration overhead in terms of time and money.

Centralized management is vital to keep the costs of network administration down. It also makes networks more efficient and intelligent.

Yeastar’s remote management solution

Yeastar devices and equipment form the communications backbone of many enterprises. The company recognized the need to aid these organizations in managing and administrating their infrastructures, so Yeastar developed the Yeastar Central Management platform.

From this unified remote management platform, channel partners can register their Yeastar PBXs and VoIP gateways and then manage, monitor, and configure them centrally. Specifically, they can do all of the following:

  • Automate and speed up PBX provisioning for customers by using tasks and customizable provision templates.

  • Connect to and control remote Yeastar devices without the need for public IP addresses or additional VPN services.

  • Identify issues before the user does by monitoring device statuses in one place and getting instant alerts when issues occur.

  • Ensure a secure communications environment where security mechanisms are employed at every level, from two-way authentication to encrypted connections.

Ideal for channel partners

The YCM platform is specifically designed for, and exclusively accessible by, channel partners. It is ideal for partners that serve multiple customers of various sizes, allowing them to monitor, modify, and deliver technical support to the customer base. Through an organized helpdesk service, this remote tech support capability can be easily achieved.

It allows quick responses to user moves, additions, and changes while enabling the troubleshooting of any issues that may arise.

Accessing Yeastar Central Management

Yeastar integrated the YCM into the Yeastar Partner Portal. You can log in using your partner credentials, and you will see the Yeastar Central Management option in the left menu.

After you click that menu item, you enter the YCM platform's dashboard, where you can get an overall view of your or your customers’ Yeastar devices and network infrastructure.

Capabilities delivered by Yeastar Central Management

Device status, alarm indicators, task status, and system details can be seen from the dashboard, quickly giving your technical team a clear view of the current state of the communications network.

Device registration is as simple as adding the device name and information to the platform and then confirming the registration on the device’s management interface using the appropriate authentication code.

Once registered, you can connect to any device using a temporary secure tunnel that leverages modern security parameters. In this way, you connect as if you were on the same local LAN, safely accessing the remote device’s management interface.

You can configure groups to more conveniently categorize your managed devices based on any criteria you choose. This could be based on location, department, office role, or device type, making management all the easier.

Finally, you can easily perform initial PBX provisioning using the YCM platform’s provisioning templates to automate much of the setup process.

You can even manage provisioning tasks by scheduling them as needed and also perform bulk PBX configurations, saving time on repeated workloads while standardizing the provisioning process.

YCM is your companion, facilitating all the management processes and procedures involved with the network administration of the Yeastar communications infrastructure.

Supported devices and services

YCM supports the remote management of the P-Series on-premises PBX systems, the P-Series software edition, existing S-Series PBXes and K2IP-PBX devices, and Yeastar’s cloud-based (legacy) PBXes.

Note that the P-Series cloud edition PBX system is not included in the YCM support infrastructure since this system has its own remote administration capabilities.

For Yeastar VoIP gateways, YCM supports registration of the TA1600TA1610TA2400, and TA3200 devices. For detailed information about supported software and firmware versions for these devices, take a look at Yeastar’s related documentation.


The Yeastar Central Management system is an effective solution for businesses seeking to optimize their networks and for partners looking to serve their customers better.

By leveraging its centralized control, intuitive interface, and robust management capabilities, organizations can ensure seamless operation, reduced downtime, and enhanced productivity, improving the resiliency of their telecommunication infrastructure to meet the demands of the modern digital landscape.

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