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Yealink communications solutions for the financial sector

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Nov 9, 2022 10:41:00 AM

Employees sitting at a conference table during a Yealink-enabled videoconference - Yealink distributed by TeleDynamics

The finance industry, which includes investment institutions, banks and money management firms, is very competitive. Anything that can deliver even a slight advantage can be a potential game-changer. In this article, we examine how Yealink’s innovative products and services can provide an all-important edge to financial sector enterprises through better communication.

The nature of finance

In the finance world, quick reflexes and astute decision-making are essential. The ability to make quick decisions depends on responsive and effective communication with partners, clients, customers and other finance professionals. Circumstances can often change swiftly, so the right people have to be contacted at the right time, and the correct information conveyed accurately and speedily.

Productive and precise communication can only occur with systems that deliver an ideal balance of quality and ease of use.

Application scenarios

The financial sector has specific requirements for communications, and challenges associated with them. The following are some of the most critical considerations:

  • Building client trust: Customers let finance professionals invest and manage their hard-earned money, which obviously makes trust vital. More and more financial institutions are delivering their services remotely, an environment where it is more difficult to maintain trust than in-person meetings.
  • Responsiveness: Videoconferencing, collaboration and video telephony systems are often cumbersome to operate. Some require administrative coordination as well as time to organize. Ideally, setting up a comprehensive video collaboration with partners or customers should be about as fast as pressing a speed-dial button.
  • Security: Financial institutions demand the highest level of security due to the monetary transactions they work with. The same is true about their interactions with their customers and partners. Video communication and collaboration may leverage any combination of the internet, enterprise networks, and Wi-Fi networks, to name a few, and they are not inherently safe or secure. This means that communication systems must guarantee absolute confidentiality and integrity through their own feature sets.
  • Digital banking and personal investing: All types of financial institutions are making their services available online via web interfaces and mobile apps. It only makes sense that all aspects of financial activities, including personalized financial advice, go through the same digital channels.
  • Supporting a dispersed workforce: Because of the digitization of virtually all financial activities and processes over the past few years, most employees in this sector can perform all their tasks remotely. However, fostering smooth and streamlined collaboration among remote employees is challenging. This is especially true for larger enterprises with more specialized and diversely skilled workforces.

What Yealink offers the financial sector

Yealink’s many products and services have been specifically designed to not only help overcome the inherent obstacles faced by today’s financial sector but also to enhance and supplement these services in an increasingly digital environment:

  • High-quality audio and video: When you must meet remotely, Yealink helps bring you closer to your clients with HD and 4K quality video and crystal-clear audio. Seeing and hearing financial advisors clearly makes remote interaction much more personal for clients and partners than traditional phone calls, helping to nurture that all-important bond of trust.
  • Quick collaboration calling: Yealink works hard to ensure that its products are compatible with today’s most innovative and popular collaboration platforms. Yealink phones and room collaboration systems have been certified by both Zoom and Microsoft Teams. This deep integration allows them to take advantage of the latest scheduling and calling features of these platforms.
  • Secure communication: Yealink products and services encrypt all audio and video communication from end to end. Even if a malicious user were able to intercept the packet stream, they would be unable to decipher it, safeguarding the confidentiality of your communication. All channels of communication, in even the most elaborate collaboration environment, are safeguarded with military-grade encryption algorithms.
  • Bringing collaboration services to the customer: Financial interactions require multiple channels of communication, with the exchange not only of audio and video but also documents and financial records among partners and clients. Yealink enables these diverse channels of communication over a single platform, which perfectly complements the trend of financial services digitization.
  • Empowering the mobile workforce: Yealink’s offerings allow employees to work from any internet-connected location in the world. Given today’s ever-changing workplace environment, the flexibility this capability offers financial institutions is vital. 


Yealink is committed to delivering products and services that are ideal for use within a multitude of businesses, including the financial sector. The company delivers communication innovation in a way that can give your financial institution the edge over your competition.


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