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Yeastar Day 2023 Virtual: everything you need to know

Posted by TeleDynamics on Nov 22, 2023 10:28:00 AM

Yeastar Day Virtual 2023 cover image

Yeastar Day took place this year on October 25th and follows in the footsteps of last year's incredibly successful inaugural event. This annual event showcased the successes and advancements of Yeastar technology over the previous 12 months and shared the company's future plans.

In this article, we summarize the key highlights of the event, as well as provide a link to the session recordings for those who may have missed it live.


The Yeastar Day 2023 event was full of information concerning Yeastar's latest updates, product visions, customer stories, and partner showcases. It also included highlights of the company's recent accomplishments and a roadmap for its vision for the future.  

Yeastar Day highlights

The event highlighted various achievements of the company over the past year, including new features supported by its products and services, as well as some significant statistics solidifying Yeastar's market leadership.

The event showcased a series of impressive advancements in the P-Series phone system and introduced more than 70 innovative features and enhancements. Highlights included the launch of a new Linkus desktop client and Microsoft Teams integration, which signify a significant step forward in unified communications (UC) systems.

The event also unveiled integration with property management systems (PMS), adding a new dimension to hospitality solutions. They addressed security and convenience by introducing 2-factor authentication and a WebRTC trunk feature. Additionally, the enhancement of the Linkus mobile client now supports video calls, further extending its capabilities.

Yeastar Day 2023 emphasized the company's focus on customer experience management, emerging as a promising avenue for future growth. The past year has been remarkable for Yeastar, marked by a 150% increase in revenue from the P-Series software and cloud editions and a doubling of subscription revenue in the P-Series appliance edition.

This growth trajectory aligns with broader market trends, as studies indicate a significant shift towards UCaaS (unified communications as a service). With 75% of businesses expected to adopt UCaaS in the coming years, Yeastar's advancements are timely and relevant.

The company has also celebrated significant customer milestones, such as supporting a single customer with over 30,000 extensions and partnering with more than 50 enterprises that have more than 1,000 extensions each. These achievements underscore Yeastar's growing influence in the UC landscape and its commitment to driving innovation.

Omnichannel messaging

The event also emphasized Yeastar's development of omnichannel messaging, which is already available in the latest version of P-Series products. SMS and WhatsApp, two of the most popular messaging methods worldwide, have now been incorporated into the agent interface. A live demo of these services is included in the video. 

The demo shows how an agent can use the service and how administrators can enable and configure these features. These messaging capabilities are simply additional channels on the same interface through which agents can interact with customers.

As stated by one of the presenters, Yeastar's goal is to offer a full-scale digital channel contact center solution, saying, "We're going to get there step by step, and this… is the very first step."

These features essentially mark the beginning of Yeastar's journey into contact center solutions, an area of expansion we expect to see extensively this year in the company's product lines.

Linkus SDK

An SDK or software development kit is a collection of software tools and libraries provided to developers. The Linkus SDK describes the program's API interfaces. It provides all the necessary tools, manuals, and guidance for developers to create specific applications and features, resulting in a customized in-app voice-calling solution.

The presenters share their experience with a real-life use case where the Linkus SDK was used to customize a particular company's voice application.

In this specific scenario, the company was able to integrate softphone capabilities into its communication app. This example shows how this tool is highly customizable to the needs of each business.

You can integrate the Linkus SDK with mobile apps, web-based services, or desktop applications. 

You can leverage all of this to reduce the development cycle of your applications or functionalities since the SDK provides all the essentials needed for this process. Additionally, the SDK delivers a functional user interface (UI).

If you don't want your design team to spend too much time designing a brand-new UI, you can use the built-in Linkus UI. The SDK makes all these options available to be used depending on the needs of each case.

Additional newly supported features

Yeastar Day continues by listing several innovative features that have recently been added to the Yeastar product line. These include support for IPv6, Cisco phone auto-provisioning, an enhancement of Linkus client permissions, and the call merge feature.

Another feature of note is Disaster Recovery, which introduces remote redundancy to the already available high-availability deployment option. All these features are described in detail, and some are showcased in a live demo.

Future outlook

The presentation concluded by highlighting the major milestones we can expect from Yeastar in the coming months. This vision of the future is referred to as Yeastar's future roadmap and includes some very exciting developments related to generative AI, new features, added integrations, partner portal enhancements, and much more. 

Would you like a sneak peek at what is coming down the pike? Watch the on-demand session recording right away!

Yeah Awards

Yeastar Day ended with the third annual Yeah Awards, the awards ceremony that honors some of the most outstanding Yeastar partners and resellers. The ceremony showcased the outstanding achievements of some of the most noteworthy partners from over 200 entrants.

The four winners of the Yeah Awards were:

  • NCX Solutions from South Africa
  • Maxindo Raya from Indonesia
  • Sipper Network Communications from Thailand
  • VisualForma from Portugal

For details, access the on-demand sessions or visit Yeastar's customer success stories gallery.


This year's Yeastar Day was an exceptional success, with a detailed report on the achievements of the past year and a clear and focused roadmap for the future.


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