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Yeastar: The ultimate communications solutions for hospitality

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Jun 12, 2024 10:14:00 AM

Yeastar's communications solutions for hospitality sector - TeleDynamics blog

Communication is key for many business sectors, and the hospitality sector is no exception. Hotels, resorts, and similar businesses can succeed or fail based on the quality and innovation of the communications systems they leverage.

Yeastar's hospitality solutions have repeatedly proven their excellence compared with its competitors. In this article, we highlight some of Yeastar's noteworthy products and features that are designed to complement the hospitality sector.

Yeastar's hospitality communications solutions 

Various types of communication are involved in this industry, including the following:

  • Interaction with the customer
  • In-house guest communication services
  • Staff communication

Yeastar's P-Series phone systems help streamline all three areas of interaction. Here is a more detailed look at each device and the features and capabilities that Yeastar's systems can provide your hospitality business.

Customer communications

Yeastar can streamline the initial interaction between hotels and potential guests. Yeastar's systems support a "click to call/chat" button that you can place on your website to allow multi-channel communications for booking.

Call center and omnichannel messaging using WhatsApp and SMS messaging can also aid hospitality businesses in connecting with guests and building loyalty through custom greetings and multi-language IVRs (interactive voice response systems).

Hotel property management system (PMS) integrations can help automate many functions, including electronic guest check-in and check-out, helping simplify arrival procedures.

In-house guest communications

Once on the premises, hotels must offer customers high-quality communications services, including telephony in each room, with individual billing and usage details. But that's just the start of what Yeastar's solutions offer.

By integrating Yeastar's telephony system with powerful PMS software, guests can control a multitude of services, such as:

  • Wake-up call scheduling
  • Minibar usage and charges
  • Room status
  • Housekeeping status
  • Do-not-disturb status
  • Automatic guest caller name display
  • Automatic blocking of external calls when a room is unoccupied
  • Automatic deletion of guest voicemails upon check-out

Staff communications

Yeastar's solutions help streamline internal interaction among hotel staff, from front desk agents to housekeeping and management. Mobile devices and apps ensure that staff is always connected and reachable, can update room statuses in real time, and can respond to guest requests promptly.

Enhanced communications tools facilitate better task management through features like shared calendars, automated alerts, and task tracking. This ensures that all staff members know their daily duties and any special requirements or VIP guest needs.

With Yeastar's communications solutions, staff at reception, housekeeping, maintenance, room service, accounting, and other departments can interact directly and immediately, further streamlining operations and delivering the highest quality services to guests.

Yeastar's other hospitality products and solutions

Yeastar's P-Series PBXs enhance customer and staff communication before, during, and after a guest's stay. They come as on-premises appliances, a software edition that you can install on a local or cloud server, or a cloud edition to which you can subscribe on a per-user basis.

In addition to the P-Series PBXs, Yeastar offers a wide range of analog gateways that allow you to integrate analog telephones into your communications system. Gateways can also enable integration with other legacy equipment, such as traditional PBXs, ISDN/PSTN lines, analog PA systems, and fax machines.

This greatly eases migrations from fully analog and legacy installations by allowing you to migrate in stages with intermediate hybrid arrangements until all equipment is switched over to more modern VoIP systems.

The Linkus App provides an internal extension number to any mobile device, which is especially useful for staff members who typically move throughout the premises, such as cleaning, room service, and maintenance crews. Through the Linkus App, staff are reachable at any time, no matter where they are, and can respond immediately to any needs that may arise.

Yeastar's key advantages for the hospitality sector

The following diagram shows a typical Yeastar communications infrastructure deployment at a hospitality business. Diagram showing a typical Yeastar communications infrastructure deployment at a hospitality business - TeleDynamics blog

This diagram shows how Yeastar's communications infrastructure allows you to deploy multiple P-Series IP PBXs on the premises in an active/standby arrangement, enabling hot standby redundancy in the event of failure.

Direct integration of hotel PMS systems lets you keep track of various statuses, including housekeeping and check-in/check-out. This is achieved via either PMS middleware or the Oracle FIAS protocol, a standardized third-party property system protocol.

Connections to PSTN and ISDN lines and legacy PBXs are achieved via Yeastar's TA Series FXO gateways, while connections to analog end devices, such as faxes and analog handsets, are achieved via Yeastar's TA Series FXS gateways. (Browse Yeastar FXO and FXS gateways on TeleDynamics' website.)

Analog phones, IP phones, call operator panels, and Linkus UC clients register with the P-Series IP PBX to gain access to all the system's services. Yeastar's central management infrastructure manages the whole infrastructure.


Yeastar continues to set the standard in hospitality communication systems, helping businesses enhance their guest experiences and operational efficiency. By investing in Yeastar's solutions, hospitality businesses can ensure that they are equipped with the best tools to thrive in a competitive industry.

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